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How do I add a NEW appliance product?

Updated Apr 12, 2017

This article will guide you how to add a new appliance product for use. If you don't know how to get to the Add Appliance wizard, click here.

Add Appliance wizard

  1. Select the Brand from the list.
  2. If the Brand doesn't appear, scroll down and select "More brand options" to expand the list.
  3. If it still doesn't appear, select "Add a new brand."

Add a new product by clicking the button.

Fill out the details on this screen.

  1. Enter Model number*
  2. Enter the Product name or description.
  3. Click Save

*Our advise is to copy this information directly from the Manufacturers website, to maintain the integrity of your entry.

  1. Specify a unit price for the appliance if you are supplying it, or  leave it as $0.00 if it has been purchased elsewhere, by the customer.*
  2. Change the quantity if there are more than 1 in the room.
  3. Then click Save

*This is used primarily if you are producing a printed quote from qiitp.

Appliance options

  1. Tick if manufacturer specifies Heat shields.
    NB. This doesn't mean you are ordering heat shields. Heat shields could be as simple as melamine fillers.
  2. Fill the Power, Height, Width and Depth fields based on the appliance specifications.
  3. Copy and paste the Specification URL/link from the address bar in your web browser. Please click here for advise on what is an acceptable level of detail for a link.
    If you could not find a website, but instead have a file to upload, please continue reading.
  4. Tick Remember details for future use.


The appliance is now complete and added to the room. If you are missing valuable information, a bold exclaimation mark will appear. Click on it to find out more.

  1. If you could not locate a satisfactory webpage with details and instead have a file to upload, click the Cloud under the Drawing title. Go to next step.

Upload drawing

Click Browse... to open File Explorer pop up.

Find the file you wish to upload in File Explorer and double click it.

  1. Confirm the correct file was chosen.
  2. Click Upload

When upload is complete, it will look like this.

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