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How do I add appliances?

Updated May 16, 2017

Jobs page

Get to the appliance page for a room by:

  1. Selecting the room you want to add the appliance to
  2. Clicking on the appliance icon.

Appliance page

This is what the page should open up like (minus whats in the blue box), if it doesnt then click the menu button and select Add Appliance, as displayed in the blue box.

Tick the box for the appliances you wish to add to the room.

Add Appliance wizard

  1. Look here to see which appliance you are adding first.
  2. Select the Brand from the list.
    If the Brand doesn't appear, scroll down and select "More brand options" to expand the list. If it still doesn't appear, select "Add a new brand."
    (What you see in the blue square appears at the bottom of the Brand list)

Then click Save

  1. Select an existing Product from the list
  2. Add a new product by clicking the button. For full procedure, click here.

Then click Save

Specify a unit price for the appliance if you are supplying it, or leave it as $0.00 if it has been purchased elsewhere, by the customer.*
Change the quantity if there are more than 1 in the room.

Then click Save

*This is used primarily if you are producing a printed quote from qiitp.

The first appliance is now added and it has moved on to the next. Continue with the process until all appliances have been added.

Once all appliances have been added, the appliance page will look like this.

If any are missing valuable information, a bold exclaimation mark will appear. Click on it to find out more.

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