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Items Supplied By Store

Updated Feb 04, 2021

This article will  show you how to mark items coming into COL on your order that have been purchased outside of the system.

  1. Select Miscellaneous 
  2. Select Items Supplied by Store

Once you have selected Items Supplied by Store, you will have a number of options to choose from.

These options let us know that you are sending us hardware outside of the system to install into the cabinetry or to have delivered with the job. 

If one of these are not selected and you send hardware, we will not know that it is here and there is a high possibility that it will be left off the truck and you will have to come and collect it yourself.

Handles by Other for Delivery by COL - When you have handles delivered to us from your supplier such as Barchie, select this option.

Hardware by Other for Delivery by COL - When you have hardware delivered to us such as taps and sinks, select this option.

Benchtops by Other for Delivery by COL - When you have ordered benchtops outside of the system and have them delivered to us, select this option.

 Paint Sample to be Returned - When you supply a paint sample for your job and you want the sample returned to you, select this option.